October 20

Week 2 Term 4 Reflecthon


On Monday we had Miss Wilson because Miss Bennett droped a hammer on her hand. I do not know what is wrong with her but there must be somthing wrong. We didn’t do much that I can remember.

I am really looking forward to the rugby tournament because we might be able to see the players before they play the game. I am also looking forward to playing with my freinds.

This week I learnt how to write a cinquan poem. That is my favourite so far because I think it is the easiest one to do because you don’t have to rhyme it.

I want to know more about poems because I think they are really relaxing because they are nice and calm. I want to learn a diamond poem because I really like them aswell. Well, I think thats whats its could.

I am worried about what has been going on at lunch time lately. Because there has been lots of fighting lately.

I rate my week a 8 out of 10 because I have had lots of fun and I rate my week a 8 out of 10 because of the fighting aswell.

Here is one cinquan poem,


Active, Playful

Running, Kicking, hitting

A grate part of the world


By Deacon

October 13

Reflection-Week 1 Term 4

Hi guys,

This week I learnt how to write a Haiku poem. Here is one of them:

The Wether is nice

It is relaxing for all

come and have a swim

We are also going to write some other types of poems.

My low light for this week is that in maths we had to do pacman but with divison. Because I don’t really like division. My other low light is that we did not have any cricket training.

My highlight for this week is that my cousins are comeing back from the Gold Cost.

My ratting for this week is a 8 out of 10 because I had heaps of fun playing soccer.

I am looking forward to the cricket tournaments this term because I have only been to the T-20 but hopefully I will be able to do the other one.

My question is if we can learn how to play soft ball or T ball.

My goal for this term is to read the whole series of the Selwood boys. I will do this by using my reading time wisely.

From Wheelz,

September 1

Week seven reflection

What’s up guys,

The most exciting thing this week was on Thursday because me and my friends got to sit next to each other. We had heaps of fun.

On Thursdey the grade 6’s went to Warroona to play footy and netball. It was really cool that we won both of them won a trophy. We were stocked.

On Thursday we made some things for our dad like a card and a hand that was really coplacated.

For art we had a choice if we wanted to make a thing that says all the things you like about your dad. Or you could make a box for your dad to store things in it.

But the worst thing will be miss Bennett going on holidays.

From Deacon

August 18

The Roads End

Hi guys,

The Roads End is a short mysterios clip. It was created in 2011 by Brianne Meyer. Us grade 5/6s wacth this film in class on moday to learn how to write a response text. Overall, i think  The Roads End is a clip to tell you not to get distracted whill driving.

The Roads End begins with a person that was in a crash. Somone pulled over and picked him up in his car. he keeped on asking him questions and the person  looked over and… Watch the vidio to see the end

The Roads End has very good  setting in the back ground and the music suits it to. There are also awesome graphics. The bad thing is though that there are people that die. And it is short and silly.

To be honest, I think the roads end is a bad film because it has killing in it. I would rate it a 6 out of 10. Go on youtube and see for yourself.

Sincerly Deacon

August 18

Odd Socks Circus

Hello Familys,

Huntly Primary School is having a Production. It is all about the Circus. Thanks to Phill and all the Teachers we are all able to do a skill that involves the Circus. We are having it at the Alumbra Theater on the 11th of September at 7:30 doors open at 7:00. Adults cost $25.00, Secondary aged kids cost $17.oo, primary aged kids cost $12.00. tickets can be purchesd at the Almbra Thearter box office. Some of the events are Juggling, Tite Rope, Spinning Plates, Wheels, Skipping and lots of others. The resson you should come and see it is because we have been working really hard just to show you people. I hope i can see you there.

Sincerily Deacon

February 23

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